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Naseem Darbey has been awarded a Developing Your Creative Practice fund by Arts Council England. Internationally renowned architect Samira Boon will mentor Darbey in a three-part, multi-month residency in Boon's Amsterdam studio in 2019.
Since 2015 Darbey's art has explored structures inside the human body. In her 2017 ACE-funded project We Are Saved By Loss she expanded her concepts to the immutable link between the human body and the universe. During this project Darbey experimented with scale inspired by Henry Moore's work using forced perspective photography to make her sculptural maquettes appear monumental.

The next step is to invite an audience to step inside this world by building monumental habitable sculptures. Boon's mentorship will facilitate Darbey's goal to scale up her hollow drawings focussing on new materials, techniques, processes and logistics.

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